Why I use WordPress

I choose WordPress for my website projects

WP is an open source content management system. Naysayers dismiss WordPress as a blogging platform. The truth is, the majority of sites running WordPress do not use it as a blog. They have more than a decade of experience and a proven track record. More than fifty million websites are built on this powerful yet easy to use content management system.

WordPress is easy to customize

It works just fine right out of the box. With a little bit of coding knowledge, you can make adjustments to better suit your plan. In addition to customizing WordPress at its core, Developers have released all sorts of themes and plugins giving you the ability to customize WordPress completely. What do you want to do on your website? There’s probably a plugin for it.

WordPress is easy to use

Many users can pick up on the basics of web publishing without any instruction. The layout or editing features is consistent with other word processing programs you are already familiar with. WordPress takes care of the technical parts of website building. I can focus on the part that matters to me, the content. With WordPress, you can create content from rough draft all the way to final published version. WordPress is mobile friendly and they offer apps on all the major phone platforms. You can work on your website from virtually anywhere you can get a wifi or data connection. No need for a desktop or Laptop computer. No need for software to edit documents.


WordPress supports its software with a great knowledge base. There are plenty of resources for learning about how to use WordPress. The WordPress Codex is the first stop for how to WordPress. They also offer a support forum. Thousands of experienced users ready to help you fix it when you do have an issue.

WordPress is a great choice for enterprise projects

Departments or teams can collaborate on projects and post updates the whole team can see and comment on. WP is a great choice for front end sites as well. It’s ease of use and wide deployment means you can manage costs by keeping your website development and content creation in house rather than outsourcing to a third party that may know WordPress inside and out, they don’t know your industry or have the passion that your project needs.

Really? You Blog?

Blog is a slang term, short for weblog.
By Technical Definition, a blog is a site that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information
. This makes a great platform for journaling, or an online diary; many people have jumped on the blogging bandwagon, making sites about their passions.

A blog site is a content management system that makes it easy to share your message with the world. A blog can give voice to your passion. Shine a light on your project. Let the world see what you’re doing, but,

Blogging is still a dirty word

Too many negative associations with the term.
I am not a blogger. I am a network administrator. I am a webmaster. I am an entrepreneur.
This is not a blog. There are no cats, no ukuleles, no memes, or political opinions, and very few feelings.
I do not build blogs. I build dynamic websites using the WordPress platform that are easy to use. I fill those sites with valuable content. I write informative articles that help others to reach their goals.

I suggest you look at your project through the same lens. While you might be building your site on a blog or CMS platform, I don’t go around calling it a blog. Your site and post content can be just about anything you want, as long as it aligns with goals of your project, your marketing plan, and your seo goals. If your idea for post content doesn’t fit the goals of your site, maybe it’s time to create another site that does.

Author: Rand Phillips


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